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Street and park furniture


General purpose furniture and equipment for use externally e.g. benches, litter bins; for indoor guard rails see (34) Balustrades; for waste paper bins, indoor plant containers and telephone booths see (71) Circulation fittings, signs, etc; for indoor poster display units see (71) and (77) Exhibition, display, library fittings.
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Combined Contemporary Seating Brochure
Furnitubes combined contemporary seating range brochures. Furnitubes offers a variety of contemporary outdoor seating designs in a range of materials including concrete, timber, steel and stainless...
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Furnitubes Oxford Westgate Project Brochure
Furnitubes Special Projects Brochure. Furnitubes designers worked closely with landscape architects LDA Design to develop a series of planting and seating solutions for the award-winning retail des...
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Combined RailRoad Range Brochure
RailRoad is based on a simple series of inter-changeable straight and curved modules, which are designed to be joined to create seamless runs of continuous seating. The design is based around a sta...
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Combined Cycle Parking, Railings & Signage Brochure
Furnitubes combined Cycle Parking, Railings and Signage brochures. Furnitubes offers a wide range of low maintenance cycle parking solutions. An extensive range of railing systems to suit schemes a...
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Combined Planters & Tree Protection Brochure
Furnitubes combined Planters & Tree Protection brochures. Furnitubes has developed our range of street furniture planters, tree grilles and guards and hanging baskets to be flexible enough to c...
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Combined Litter Bins Brochure
Furnitubes has a comprehensive range of outdoor litter bins for a variety of external applications, including general street waste, dog waste, cigarette waste and recycling. Materials include cast ...
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Combined Traditional & Utility Seating Brochure
Furnitubes combined seating brochures. Furnitubes provides both Traditional and Utility outdoor seating and outdoor benches to compliment all schemes.
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Combined Wall-top & Gabion Seating Brochure
Furnitubes combined Wall & Gabion top seating brochures, Furnitubes offers a wide range of wall-top and gabion-top seating products, each with a different character and designed to suit a range...
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Citi Elements Landscape Furniture
A summary of Marshalls new and exciting landscape furniture collection - Citi Elements.
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Essentials Collection - Landscape Furniture
A summary of Marshalls most cost effective landscape furniture products - Essentials Collection.
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