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Hotel X - Toronto, ON
Hotel X’s sophisticated washrooms showcase luxury, with deep cubicles surrounded by towering Alpaco doors, panels and pilasters that extend from within inches above the floor to nearly touching the...
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Port House, Antwerp - Zaha Hadid Architects
To deliver on these lofty washroom design requirements, Zaha Hadid Architects turned to ASI Alpaco. Custom-made, extra-height black Alpaco cubicles provide superior privacy in the stunning washroom...
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Residence Palace (Europa), Brussels - Philippe Samyn and Partners
To preserve the sophistication of the facility, ASI Alpaco created elegant washroom cubicles designed without pedestals rather than walled-off as individual restrooms. With so many visitors to Resi...
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Twinfix canopy plays its part in an academy’s expansion programme
The 6.2m x 7.8m partly freestanding canopy has been erected between two buildings at the former independent North Cestrian Grammar School in Altrincham, Cheshire, which has been attracting a pletho...
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Mulberry Bear Day Nursery, Milton Keynes
Mulberry Bear Nursery is situated on the Open University campus in Milton Keynes and provides care for babies and children of staff and students at the campus. They were looking at ways they could ...
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Our first umbrella canopy
Our Lady of the Missions Primary School in Thornliebank, near Glasgow has welcomed students back to a new academic year with the addition of a brand new 5 metre diameter Twinfix umbrella canopy. W...
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Lower Willingdon Pre-School Nursery, Eastbourne
An 8m long Twinfix canopy installed on the front of the Lower Willingdon Pre-School Nursery in Eastbourne is proving a great success. With a 2.8m projection from the building and fitted with vert...
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Lancaster Road Primary School, Morecambe
A 36 metre long mono-pitched Twinfix canopy installed at Lancaster Road Primary School in Morecambe has added considerably to the education of their 90 reception children. The new canopy is adjace...
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Manchester Schools
Working alongside Premier Modular, we designed, manufactured and installed 17 canopies at 7 schools in the city.
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Canopies have a multitude of benefits and uses for care homes
A Twinfix canopy has many practical uses in the care home community. If you own or manage a care home and are looking at ways to improve your residents’ quality of living, then a canopy could well ...
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