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Godolfin and Latimer school
A number of Flatglass rooflights on a commercial education project.
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Open Academy, Norwich
A large number of rooflights to a curved school roof.
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Private Residence, Brentwood
A residential flat roof terrace with walk on Flatglass rooflights.
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Silsoe School
Multiple, very bespoke, multi pane Flatglass on a commercial education project.
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Private Residence, Totteridge
Residential hinged Flatglass for ventilation and light transmission.
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Farm Lane, Walk On
A large residential development in Fulham. Multiple standard rooflights and walk on rooflights.
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The Village School, Brent
A commercial education sector project comprising a number of walk on rooflights in a school playground.
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Cambridge Mosque
Award winning project in Cambridge. Only natural daylight used during the day. A mixture of Class 1 and Class 2 non-fragile rooflights.Very large single pane units.
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Private Residence, Wells
Bespoke shaped Flatglass on a private residence.
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St Edmund's Terrace Walk On
A residential multi Pane walk on rooflight over a swimming pool.
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