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Onduline Building Solutions
A WORLDWIDE RECOGNISED ROOFING PLAYER AT YOUR SERVICE Worldwide leader in lightweight roofing * 80 years of industry experience * Over 150 million m² of roofing solutions sold every year * About...
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Breathable waterproof roof membrane. ONDUTISS AIR roof membranes consist of a layer of polypropylene between two sheets of non-woven polypropylene, making them vapour permeable. This guarantees a ...
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ISOLINE ONDUTILE underlay sheets are used as a secured waterproof layer designed to be fitted under a traditional tile or slate roof. This solution is a perfect waterproof barrier against potential...
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Secura - Attractive Mortar-free Segmental Retaining Walls
By combining attractive off-site finishes with efficient on-site installation, Secura answers the brief for a diverse range of retaining wall applications including housing, commercial and highways.
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Walling & Masonary Brochure - Concrete Facing Bricks, Engineering Quality Concrete Bricks & Country Stone Concrete Blocks
A variety of versatile rustic effect and smooth facing bricks, and bricks suitable for heavy-duty environments.
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Newton 901-P Data Sheet
Newton 901-P is a two-part, solvent free, clear epoxy which is applied to damp and porous surfaces as a pre-primer prior to the application of Newton 902-P, a vapour barrier and primer for newly pl...
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Newton 902-P Data Sheet
Newton 902-P is a two-part, solvent-free, damp-tolerable, epoxy-based primer which is applied above Newton 901-P pre-primer as a barrier to residual substrate moisture and vapour within concrete an...
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Q-Bic Plus product and installation manual
The Q-Bic Plus geocellular system has been uniquely engineered to combine ease of access and speed of installation. The system is a fully BBA approved, modular SuDS technique for managing stormwate...
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MemTech Pro Void Vent 25 Ancillary Brochure
The MemTech gas protection range provides a comprehensive spectrum of gas protection products and ancillaries to protect buildings and structures from ground gases such as Radon, Methane Carbon Dio...
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Newton 802-DPM Data Sheet
BBA certified, 100% recycled, 1200 gauge damp proof membrane for use below concrete floors or screeds where no groundwater pressure is expected. Newton 802-DPM is compatible with all common buildin...
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