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Platon Stop damp proofing membrane brochure
Platon Stop is a single application, damp proof underlay, providing sound reducing properties beneath all types of wood and laminate floors. Offers three times more vapour resistance than film memb...
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Green Roof Systems
Green roofs offer developers an excellent solution for assisting in the management of storm water and reducing the ecological impact of a project. Green roofs have many benefits including their po...
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gtSpecifier Brochure 2019
gtSpecifiers Urban Specifier Guide offers a complete portfolio of products that protect and enhance sustainable urban landscapes for future generations.
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Earthworks Drainage
A guide to the selection and specification systems using Fildrain Geocomposite drainage systems
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Tunnel Drainage Brochure
A guide to the selection and specification of ABG Cavidrain and Deckdrain tunnel drainage systems.
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Charcon Highway®
Highway® is a high capacity combined kerb and drainage system, offering a cost effective all-in-one alternative to conventional kerb, gulley and drain networks.
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Cast Iron Long Ventilation and Drainage Grilles
Cast iron long gratings and grilles are made from grey iron, cast in sand moulds bonded with resin to a fine cast finish and are available in various widths. They are imperial so are predominantl...
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M&M Timber Landscaping Leaflet
View the range of M&M Timber landscaping timbers providing a creative sustainable solution for all projects.
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Gas Venting and Drainage
A guide to the selection and specification of Pozidrain Geocomposite
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