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Suspended ceilings

False ceilings of dry construction comprising a membrane of tiles, panels, trays etc., supported by exposed or concealed suspended metal grids. The membrane is normally demountable, to give access to the ceiling space. Lighting, ventilation, fire prevention and other services may be integrated with the suspended ceilings.
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Barrisol Arcolis®
Acoustic panels & baffles / Decorative acoustic panels & baffles Efficient aw NRC: up to 1.0 Ideal for humid environments Standard & custom made + 1 million colours
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Photobook 2 - Public places
Discover wonderful realizations in a numerous type of places such as : restaurants, bars, shopping mall, shops, museums, halls, airports, swimming-pools, exhibitions, car-dealers, meeting rooms, of...
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Barrisol Light Lines®
With Barrisol Light Lines® lighting system, you can choose the look you want, depending on your decorative desires and your lighting needs.
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Barrisol Light® Decoration & Renovation
Discover the magnificent achievements thanks to the Barrisol Light® solutions. Whether you want to embellish your room or completely renovate it, Barrisol Light® range is for you.
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Barrisol Photobook 1
Discover wonderful realizations in a numerous type of places, for private areas
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Barrisol ELT 3D® - Light effects
The way that this material interacts with LEDs is truly fascinating, enabling it to be infused with any color you want. The secret lies in the ELT 3D® textile composition that allows it to be used ...
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Acoustics® & Design
Discover Barrisol Acoustics® systems, learn more about Microperf® and Nanoperf® and view some projects done by Barrisol.
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Barrisol® Biosource
At the cutting-edge of environmental innovation, the composition of the membrane in the Barrisol® Biosource range contains a plant-based plasticizer. A true technological and ecological revolution.
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