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Tanking, guniting, grouts


Special tiles, thin mortars, pneumatically applied Portland cement mortars applied to floors to exclude ground water and dampness.
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GCP International Projects for Airports
When it comes to air travel, two words come to mind - safety and performance. The same values hold true for aviation related structures. Moisture intrusion, structural & aesthetic deficiencies ...
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Technical Pocket Guide v4
This guide provides an overview of PAREXs range of quality-assured material systems. It contains sufficient detail to allow you to identify suitable products from the PAREX range. However, more de...
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Water Management Industry Reference Guide
Whether you are dealing with the maintenance of dams, channels, aqueducts, water tanks, water towers, wastewater plants or other systems containing water, they all require professional workmanship ...
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2. PCT UK ZE Bonding Agent
PCT ZE BONDING AGENT can be universally used to bond all cementitious screeds to suitable substrates. The simple mixture of 25 kg of Portland cement with the addition of 150 ml PCT ZE BONDING AGENT...
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