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Our rooflights help architects create beautifully designed naturally lit environments.

Founded in 1993 by architect, Peter King RIBA, the Rooflight Company created the original Conservation Rooflight® which continues to lead the marketplace as the best product in its class. Today, this organisation is developing in the field of contemporary architecture and interior design. This was underlined when the Rooflight Company commenced production of its innovation - neo™.

Featuring a sleek design and flush edge-to-edge glazing, neo™ has unique properties and a frameless, minimalist appearance which complement modern architecture perfectly. Designed entirely from the specifier's point of view, its clean lines merge unobtrusively with the roof and provide unobscured views from the interior.
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Product catalogue
The first Secured by Design and plateau added security range.
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Bespoke Rooflights
Bespoke rooflights for pitched or flat roofs.
- L10 Windows/ Rooflights/ Screens/ Louvres
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Conservation Rooflight®
Conservation rooflight with thermally decoupled liner.
- L10 Windows/ Rooflights/ Screens/ Louvres
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neo™ Rooflight (steel)
Flush, ultra-low profile rooflight.
- L10 Windows/ Rooflights/ Screens/ Louvres

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Bespoke neo
Bespoke Rooflights
Bespoke Rooflights
Bespoke Rooflights
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Quality Assurance

The Rooflight Company is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS EN 1279: 2002 Glass in building. Insulating glass units. Long term test method and requirements for moisture penetration


The Rooflight Company provides goods and services in the following areas:

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Conservation Rooflight® neo

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Wychwood Business Centre,
Milton Road,
Oxfordshire, OX7 6XU
Tel +44 (0)1993 833108
Fax +44 (0)1993 831066