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The Slaemuir complex, Port Glasgow

The Slaemuir complex, Port Glasgow

Case Study
Architect: Archiall Norr
Main Contractor: Graham Construction
Installer: Lakesmere
Material & m2: Aerolite Granite, Flamed CSV(C)GP, 2700m2.
The Slaemuir complex has become the new home for Port Glasgow High School and St Stephen's High School as well as a new
Additional Support Needs (ASN) School.
Archiall Norr architects and Graham construction chose Aerolite Natural Granite for the external rainscreen package as part of a
two year new build project to construct a Shared Campus Secondary School.
This project has been commended by the Scottish design Awards, has been shortlisted for the Glasgow Institute of Architecture
Design Awards 2014 .


Published 21/02/2017


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