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Tiles, panels for suspended ceilings


Component parts, such as tiles, panels, which form the composition of a suspended ceiling system, defined by properties and materials.
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SAS Lighting Brochure
SAS International® has a global reputation for outstanding integrated metal ceilings installed in the most prestigious buildings worldwide. We are design and integration experts, achieving the comp...
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SAS Timber
The use of natural textures and materials by architects and interior designers often governs the feel of warmth and wellbeing in internal spaces. SAS Timber ceilings offer the natural aesthetic o...
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SAS Mesh
An increasingly popular material option, mesh is an ideal choice to achieve contemporary design aesthetics and is an alternative option to exposed soffit. Across commercial, transportation, retail,...
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Polynodal Ceiling
SAS900 Polynode is an adjustable nodal ceiling system used to create multi-faceted ceiling designs. This polynodal system meets the demand of specifiers who desire a free-form ceiling surface which...
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Baffle Ceiling Range
Acoustic baffles offer a visually engaging alternative to suspended acoustic ceiling systems, ideal for exposed soffit areas. Baffles offer good sound absorption, effectively controlling reverberat...
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Linear Ceiling Range
A simple to install, the range of premium linear profile systems are ideal for budget applications requiring aesthetic treatments or integral design feature.
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