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Triflex is a leading European specialist in cold liquid applied waterproofing. Their high-quality systems provide reliable and lasting waterproofing, surfacing, protection and markings for roofs, walkways, balconies, terraces and car parks. They are a family owned and operated company that provides individual solutions worldwide. They have been researching and developing solutions designed to protect and repair the built environment for more than 40 years.

From their UK headquarters based in Stone, Staffordshire Triflex pride themselves on providing their clients with tailored solutions and exceptional levels of service and support throughout all stages of their project. From conducting in-depth site surveys, to providing comprehensive testing and off-site and on-site support, they ensure that projects are completed on time and to impeccable standards. All Triflex solutions are certified to the highest standards and are backed up by long term meaningful warranties ensuring peace of mind.
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Product catalogue
Waterproofing, surfacing and protection solutions are essential in extending car park life and ma...
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Product catalogue
Our flat roof waterproofing systems are fully certified, cold liquid applied, seamless solutions ...
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Product catalogue
Triflex offer a variety of sophisticated, cold liquid applied, fast curing waterproofing, surfaci...
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AWS - Car Park Waterproofing System with Asphalt Wearing/ Load Bearing Layer
Cold liquid-applied, fully reinforced waterproofing system for external service yards and high impact areas, with asphalt wearing/ loadbearing layer.
- J31 Liquid applied waterproof roof coatings
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BBS - Walkway, Balcony and Terrace Waterproofing System
Cold liquid-applied, flame-free, fully reinforced, rapid-curing waterproofing system for walkways, balconies and terraces with a trafficable overburden.
- J31 Liquid applied waterproof roof coatings
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BFS - Walkway, Balcony and Terrace Waterproofing and Surfacing System
Cold liquid-applied, flame-free, rapid-curing, partially reinforced waterproofing and surfacing system for cantilevered walkways, balconies and terraces (over open/ unoccupied space).
- J31 Liquid applied waterproof roof coatings

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A wide variety of colour options
Always on hand for surveying and site inspections
Car park line marking and signage materials
Lasting performance without compromise
Lasting protection for high space change car parks
Perfect in harsh environments

Quality Assurance

Triflex (UK) Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BBA Certificate 13/5051_1 – 13/5051_1 Triflex protect roof waterproofing system
BBA Certificate 13/5051_2 – 13/5051_2 Triflex propark car park waterproofing and surfacing systems
BBA Certificate 13/5051_3 – 13/5051_3 Triflex proterra balcony and walkway waterproofing and surfacing systems
BBA Certificate 13/5051_4 – 13/5051_4 Triflex prodetail detail and repair waterproofing system
BBA Certificate 13/5051_5 – 13/5051_5 Triflex towersafe wind turbine foundation and joint waterproofing system
BBA Certificate 13/5051_7 – 13/5051_7 Triflex prothan solvent-free roof waterproofing system


Triflex (UK) Ltd provides goods and services in the following areas:

Trade names

Triflex AWS
Triflex BBS
Triflex BBS HD
Triflex BFS
Triflex BIS
Triflex BTS-P
Triflex BTS-T
Triflex CPS-C Rapid
Triflex CPS-C+
Triflex CPS-I+
Triflex DCS-C
Triflex DCS-C Ramp
Triflex Deck Floor Anti-Static
Triflex DeckCoat
Triflex DeckFloor
Triflex DeckFloor Ramp
Triflex Metal Coat
Triflex ProBalcony
Triflex ProDeck
Triflex ProDeck Ramp
Triflex ProDetail
Triflex ProDetail Sensitive
Triflex ProDrain
Triflex ProFibre
Triflex ProPark HD
Triflex ProPark HD Ramp
Triflex ProTect
Triflex ProTect Sensitive
Triflex ProThan
Triflex ProThan Detail
Triflex RoofTec
Triflex Safety Coat
Triflex TowerSafe
Triflex TSS
Triflex TSS-R

Contact details

Triflex UK Ltd.,
Whitebridge Way,
Staffordshire, ST15 8JS
Tel +44 (0)1785 819119
Fax +44 (0)1785 819960

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