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Troax is a global company with a long established UK presence, providing partitioning solutions for commercial, industrial, production and storage purposes. Offering a wide range of steel mesh, single skin and double skin steel modular panel systems to create enclosures, partitions and cages for both internal and external use. Their products provide solutions for safety and security in warehouse storage, protection of goods in retails outlets, property protection, cleanrooms, data centres, office and workspace enclosures within warehouses and safety in automated workspaces.
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Product catalogue
Steel and Mesh partitioning for Warehouse and Industrial Applications
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Product catalogue
Secure solutions from Troax and Lee Manufacturing, Caelum mesh and Sigma Mesh and steel options f...
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Product catalogue
Modular Mesh Partitions are available ex-stock for a variety of applications. Cages, enclosures, ...
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Bastion (formally known as Broadsword)
A heavy duty, industrial, single skin partitioning system designed for secure storage and protective screening.
- K30 Panel partitions
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Elan (formally known as Excalibur)
A double skin partitioning system.
- K30 Panel partitions
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Maxi Box
Industrial storage cage.
- B91 Buildings in the landscape, N10 General fixtures/ furnishings/ equipment

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Caelum Boxes
Caelum Maxi Boxes
Caelum Warehouse Partitioning

Trade names

Elan and Titan

Contact details

Enterprise House,
Murdock Road,
Wiltshire, SN3 5HY
Tel +44 (0)1793 542000
Fax +44 (0)1793 618784

Alternative contacts

Troax Lee Manufacturing
Building 52, Third Avenue,
Pensnett Trading Estate,
West Midlands, DY6 7XF
Tel +44 (0)1384 277441
Fax +44 (0)1384 273627