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Underground pipes and fittings


Buried foul and surface water drainage pipe systems from gullies or above ground drainage stacks to the sewer connection or other outfall, defined by type of waste and materials; see Pipes in general see I.
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Cast iron above and below ground drainage systems
Details all the latest products within the Ensign above and below ground range and EEZI-FIT push-fit sanitary system. The manual details all the benefits of using cast iron and technical data and i...
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PAM cast iron drainage solutions adding value to Commercial and residential developments
An overview document of PAM cast iron drainage solutions for Commercial, public and residential buildings. PAM provide solutions for the complete building from under the building below ground pipes...
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Geberit Silent DB20 - Incredibly Quiet
Geberit Silent-db20. The versatile waste and drainage system with sound insulation. Whether it be in a residential complex, a hotel or in a meeting room, noisy discharge pipes are irritating - a pr...
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Geberit Industry Brochure
Industrial supply and drainage systems for transporting water, oil, gas, compressed air and many other media which fulfills the most demanding safety standards in industrial applications. With the ...
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Everything Geberit
At Geberit, we use our passion for design and technology to deliver contemporary, high quality solutions that transform efficiency, increase safety and enhance living and working environments. As ...
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BLUCHER Slaughterhouse Leaflet
Drainage systems for industrial facilities all over the world.
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BLUCHER Main brochure
Floor drains, industrial floor drains, channels & kitchen channels, and pipes & fittings
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Underground Drainage Brochure
This brochure showcases Brett Martins extensive range of underground drainage solutions including drain, sewer, surface water and duct pipe and fittings, Twinwall multi-fittings; access chamber ass...
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Underground Drainage Product Guide
A detailed guide to specifying and installing underground drainage systems including information on typical layouts, flow properties, ground loads and trench preparation, typical installation guida...
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Twinwall Fittings Compatibility & Assembly
This document provides a list of BBA-certificated polyethylene twinwall pipes and associated seals suitable for use with Brett Martin Twinwall drainage fittings described in BBA Certificate 10/H168...
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