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Valves, stopcocks

ball valve manufacturers


Devices that regulate the flow of gases, liquids, or loose materials through piping or through apertures by opening, closing, or obstructing ports or passageways, defined by types and including stopcocks and water management systems; for Energy management systems see (T) Green applications, resources.
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Dolphin Blue Range
Dolphin Blue range includes all products linked to water -i.e. taps, cistern frames, flush plates etc. A vast range of manual to infrared there is something for all situations
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Aestus Accessories - additions, valves and elements
Aestus Radiators Accessories - radiator accessories, radiator vales and radiator elements, RAL Coloured radiators
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Rada Product Selector - Commercial Washroom Controls
by Rada
Our intuitive guide is designed to aid the selection of appropriate washroom controls. Grouped by application, each product is presented with relevant information, best practice applications, key f...
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The legendary Highbury stadium has been converted into 860 apartments. The North Bank and Clock End stands have been demolished, with the famous cl...
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A £36m state-of-the-art facility, the Garnock Education Campus merges and relocates two schools, Garnock Academy and Glengarnock Primary School.
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Sunderland Royal Hospital has undergone an extensive refurbishment programme of its A&E department and adjoining wards

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For over 160 years Twyford has led the way in bathroom innovation. Inspired design, fresh thinking and highest production values are at the core of Twyford’s ongoing success. The added endorsemen...
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WHY US? they ask. Let's start with the obvious reason for making them your go-to supplier of all things washroom-related: the exceptional quality and immense breadth of their product range. T...
ACO Technologies plc
ACO is a world leader in the design, development and implementation of sustainable surface water management systems. For over 60 years ACO has pioneered unique solutions that satisfy the need for...
Aestus Ltd
Aestus is a collection of radiators and towel rails designed to make you feel warm inside and satisfy that part of you that wants to look good from the outside. These are for people who care abo...
Armitage Shanks
Armitage Shanks supply bathrooms for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. They have 180 years of experience in producing practical and innovative solutions for all applications.
Cistermiser Ltd
Cistermiser produces a range of products which control all the water outlets in a commercial washroom. Several products can also be used in domestic applications. Range includes: • Urinal Flushi...
Delta Membrane Systems Ltd
Delta Membrane Systems are one of the market leaders in cavity drain waterproofing systems. Offering an extensive range of waterproofing systems and ancillary products, including sump pump drainage...
Dolphin Solutions
WHY US? they ask. Let's start with the obvious reason for making them your go-to supplier of all things washroom-related: the exceptional quality and immense breadth of their product range. T...
Flood Control International Ltd
Flood Control International is a UK based specialist supplier and installer of the most comprehensive range of flood defence systems in the world: from modular demountable flood barrier systems to ...
Keraflo Ltd
Keraflo manufacture top-quality, delayed action float valves. Our Aylesbury™ range is synonymous with float valve excellence, with tens of thousands of products in continual use in demanding domest...
Lovair Ltd
Inspired by the rich heritage of British engineering, a tradition of original thought and craftsmanship, Lovair Ltd set out to create washroom fittings and systems that are high quality and built t...