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Wall finishes: external

Finishes applied to external surface of external walls including preparatory work, sub-layers or supports. Parts, accessories etc. special to external wall finishes are included here.
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GRC Facades Legoland Windsor Castle Hotel GRC cladding
GRC/GFRC Rainscreen Cladding: The Manser Practice, was commissioned by Merlin Entertainments Ltd to design and deliver the ultimate LEGO family hotel as an enchanted life-size LEGO themed castle fo...
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GRC Facades - Concrete Cladding brochure for GRC/GFRC, UHPC, Precast
GRC Cladding - A Concrete Cladding Brochure by AlterEgo Facades for GRC, UHPC and Precast providing architects with product, design & installation guidance. Durable, lightweight, and high-perfo...
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Every year Dulux colour specialists at our Global Aesthetic Center assemble a team of top international design experts to discuss the new global trends that will affect us all. We work on transform...
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Sunewat, energy generating glass solutions for facades
SunEwat is the ideal solution for active and smart glass facades that harness high-quality embedded photovoltaic technology to generate significant quantities of energy while delivering outstanding...
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