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Wall finishes: external

Finishes applied to external surface of external walls including preparatory work, sub-layers or supports. Parts, accessories etc. special to external wall finishes are included here.
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PVC-UE Textured Shiplap Cladding Systems
Celutex is the original, lightweight, shiplap embossed PVC-UE building cladding board. that provides a stylish and effective means to protect and decorate the exterior of luxury holiday homes and b...
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R-MER Metal Systems Technical Data Sheets - Garland
This document includes data sheets relating to Garland R-MER Metal systems, including R-MER LOC & R-MER CLAD. For further details please contact our technical support team.
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Design with the warmth, elegance and beauty of natural wood, with the added benefit of acoustic absorption. GRILL wood veneered acoustic wall and ceiling panels are available with over 40 wood spec...
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Natural Stone from Lundhs
Learn about our different materials of natural stone. All materials are branded and tested and can be traced from quarry to end project.
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Kingspan Facades Brochure
Combining systems and expertise from across the Kingspan Group, Kingspan Facades is a service-led business unit providing design and construction teams with a comprehensive portfolio of advanced fa...
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Keim Lotexan Technical Data Sheet
KEIM Lotexan is a siloxane based water repellent impregnation to reduce the water absorption of natural stone. Also used as a dust suppressant. KEIM Lotexan is suitable as a water repellent protect...
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Keim Mineral Paints in Conservation
Building conservation is essential to protect an irreplaceable part of our cultural heritage from deterioration, neglect, unsympathetic changes and unnecessary destruction. KEIM Mineral Paints unde...
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