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Wall finishes: internal

Finishes applied to internal surface of internal walls including preparatory work, sub-layers or supports. Parts, accessories etc. special to internal wall finishes are included here.
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Healthcare solutions with Ecophon
Sound absorption solutions for all environments within healthcare.
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Solutions for all education environments.
Acoustic solutions for Nursery, primary school, lower, middle and upper secondary school and university environments.
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Ecophon Swimming Pool Brochure
The updated Ecophon product range for swimming pools and waterparks includes wall-to-wall sound-absorbing ceilings, free-hanging absorbers and acoustic wall panels. Every item in this range has bee...
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Ecophon Solo Baffle Wall
Ecophon Solo Baffle Wall are acoustic solutions for walls, it is suitable in buildings where you want to express design and have freedom to create patterns with different sizes and colours.
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C W Fields - Architectural Doorsets
CW Fields Architectural Performance Doors, Doorsets & Wall Pannelling.
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