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Wall finishes: internal

Finishes applied to internal surface of internal walls including preparatory work, sub-layers or supports. Parts, accessories etc. special to internal wall finishes are included here.
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Architectural Products Overview
Take a look into some of the acoustic architectural solutions eomac offers. Fabric, wood and more!
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Eomac Acoustic Fabric Wall and Ceiling Treatments
Take a look into the possibilities and applications for acoustic fabric wall and ceiling solutions!
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eomacs wide range of acoustic panels can be finished in printed high pressure laminate. HPLART turns stunning photos and artworks into superior acoustic wall or ceiling panels.
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Mini Micro Perforation
MINI-MICRO is a 17 mm thick wood veneered acoustic wall and ceiling panel, providing high-end acoustic performance through regular or irregular mini-micro perforations on the view-side. MINI-MICRO ...
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Prefabricated acoustic wall & ceiling panels. Reduces interior noise reverberation. Manufactured in factory, then shipped to site for installation. May be installed as individual panels, geomet...
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Eomac PRO-STRETCH is a site built fabric acoustic wall treatment system, designed to reduce reverberation time and unwanted noise/echo in virtually any space.
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Pro-Tect ll Wall Carpet
Fibrewoven wall covering perfect for high traffic areas.
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High-Impact Acoustic Panel
HIGH-IMPACT is a 20 mm thick acoustic wall and ceiling panel, available in fabric or micro-perforated leather on the view-side. HIGH-IMPACT acoustic panels stand up to abuse and contact common in h...
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